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Finding East Dallas homes for sale isn’t hard, but finding the right place is. Use our database to search thousands of homes by Features, Location, Metropolitan Area, or Listing Number.

East Dallas Homes For Sale | East Dallas Real Estate | Hartman Terilli Realty

It’s no surprise that we are in the middle of a long seller’s market. In most neighborhoods the housing demand exceeds the supply. A seller’s market favors the seller – NOT YOU the buyer.

We’ve all seen multiple news reports of houses selling very fast and often at a higher than expected price. In this situation, your agent must be on their toes and working faster and smarter than anyone else. We left our promotions and advertising careers for real estate, and we truly enjoy using this experience to your advantage in this seller’s market.

At Hartman Terilli Realty, our approach is to MARKET YOU to the neighborhood and the agents who are active in neighborhoods near your target area. The goal is to bring you the perfect home with the fewest buyers competing for it as is possible.

What Does Hartman Terilli Do For The Buyer In The Seller’s Market?

When we meet with you to discuss being your buyer’s agent, we will discuss our:

  • Social media strategy
  • Push-marketing strategy
  • Off-market Vs On-market strategy
  • Offer strategy (to secure the house) and appraisal & inspection (to negotiate the house)

We are some of the hardest working agents in DFW and will work tirelessly to find and negotiate the best possible home for you and your family!

East Dallas Homes For Sale | East Dallas Real Estate | Hartman Terilli Realty

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