How to Sell Your House Fast

Are you ready to sell your home? Sellers and agents have two shared goals: to sell your house fast for top dollar and awing the neighbors with how quickly you’ve decorated with a “Sold” sign. Our experience buying/selling homes and leasing rental properties demonstrates that time is of the essence for any listing.  Let me elaborate on “time is of the essence” a little bit…

The first 14 days are the most critical. During this period, your staging and photos have to be perfect (think of it as your head shot and how you want others to perceive you, but in this case it’s how they perceive one of your most prized possessions). Your pricing has to be equally as perfect. Overpriced homes become stigmatized and often linger on the market unsold, or have to be re-listed at a more realistic price.

Professional photos, attractive staging and an appealing price can create a feeding frenzy, which organically drives the price higher than you could have ever listed it for — and results in a quick sale, saving you hassle while maximizing your profit.

This successful strategy involves what I call “the 3Ps”  product, pricing and promotion.


Did you know that within 15 seconds a Buyer has already developed an opinion of your house? This applies just like it does when you are meeting someone for the first time or sitting on the not-so-fun side of an interview. Make sure that your home is show-ready. A good first impression is everything and will put you on track to selling your house fast. Here are some tips that we’ve shared with clients:


  1. Touch-up or repaint walls
  2. Clean or replace carpeting
  3. Clean curtains, shutters and blinds
  4. Update décor—throw pillows, bedspreads, towels


  1. Wash windows and screens before having photos taken.
  2. Make needed repairs
  3. Trim trees, hedges, shrubs
  4. Weed and feed lawn and maintain mowing

Entrance: Keep in mind the entry is where the first impression of the interior is crafted.

  1. Check doorbell and replace light bulbs
  2. Put out new welcome mat
  3. Clean, repair or repaint front door
  4. Sweep walkway


  1. Replace burned-out light bulbs before photos are taken to enhance the photos.
  2. Clear out closets
  3. Eliminate clutter
  4. Neutralize and depersonalize

 Before Each Showing:

  1. Clear off counters and tabletops
  2. Turn on lights
  3. Make beds
  4. Make sure home smells inviting
  5. Set thermostat to comfortable temperature


Do not get greedy because that will backfire. The market will determine what your house is worth and in a hot market it is better to err on the low side because that will set off a bidding war. Price it too high, and people will look elsewhere.


Today’s online presence is massive and exclusive technology keeps us, the agent, attached to the listing on every site so prospects always call us and not an unfamiliar agent. Selling your house quickly can be a tall task, detailed steps need to be outlined and followed closely during that first 14 days that are so critical. Make sure your home’s online presence is exceptional, because even if someone isn’t physically in your house they are constantly analyzing it.

Be pro-active and get your neighbors engaged. They are the best ambassadors for your street and neighborhood. You want as much traffic and eyes on your home as possible. We encourage our clients to let us work open houses every Sunday until it sells—a strategy that has proven successful. What do you love most about your house? Let us know, so we can share these attributes with prospects. Helping them visualize themselves in your home will bring us one step closer to selling your house fast and getting that sold sign in place.

If your trying to sell your home fast and downsizing, here are some helpful steps to get you moved and tips to finding the right moving company. Maybe you are looking for a fantastic home in Richardson, in which case, we have just the one.

Remember the 3Ps, the importance of the first 14 days and the importance of standing out amongst your competition. All three will help with selling your house fast.

Happy Selling from the Hartman-Terilli Team!

How to Sell Your House Fast
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How to Sell Your House Fast
Are you ready to sell your home? Sellers and agents have a shared goal: to sell your house fast and for top dollar. Learn how to sell your home fast without reducing the price. These simple changes will increase the perceived value of your house making it sell faster.
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